Osmo Mobile 6

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3-Axis Stabilization
Portable and Foldable
Built-In Extension Rod
Quick Launch
ActiveTrack 5.0
Easy Tutorials and One-Tap Editing
Magnetic Quick-Release Design

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Unlock More Shooting Angles
Extends up to 215 mm for high or low shots. The built-in extension rod allows you to include more friends, pets, and landscape in your selfies.
Quick Launch, No More Hassles
Unfold the gimbal to power on. Connect magnetically, and start shooting as soon as inspiration strikes.
ActiveTrack 5.0, Keep Centered
Steadily track from longer distances, ActiveTrack 5.0 also supports front camera tracking even from the side or spinning around. [1]
Tutorials and One-Tap Editing
Effortlessly shoot and edit with DJI Mimo and LightCut. And get a recommended shot sequence and tutorial based on your content with ShotGuides.

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