JR PROPO-DS8417 Digital Ultra Speed MG Servo

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With lightning-fast speed and substantial torque, the DS8417 is for helicopter enthusiasts looking for improved gyro authority and fixed wing pilots looking for instantaneous control.
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  • 250 Hz pulse rate (vs.50 Hz for standard servos)
  • The ideal tail rotor servo.
  • Standard size case that fits nearly anywhere.
  • The highly efficient digital amplifier has only a slightly higher current drain (approximately 8% more than a conventional servo under a given load) despite its radically increased performance.
  • Hardened steel & brass gear train that's virtually unstrippable.
  • Rock solid holding power.

JR's DS8417 Ultra Speed Digital Servo is designed for applications where speed and precision are paramount. At a .10 second 60° transit time, the DS8417 is JR's fastest-ever servo. And at 80 oz./in. of torque, the DS8417 has plenty of power, even for helicopter tail rotors, 1/8 scale buggies, or 1.20-size airplanes.

The DS8417 reacts to gyro inputs up to 5 times faster than conventional servos. And with it's ultrafast .10 sec. speed, the DS8417 offers superior tail holding power when used in helicopters.

For airplanes, the DS8417's 80 oz./in. of torque offers plenty of power for up to and including most 1.20-size aircraft. Quicker snaps, crisper maneuvers and an all-around more responsive feel is what the DS8417 delivers.

For applications where high speed, quick response and accuracy are key, JR's Digital DS8417 servo sets the standard for the next Millennium.


Size Category: Standard
Type: Digital
Torque: 82 oz/in at 4.8V, 98 oz/in at 6V
Speed: .10 sec/60° at 4.8V, .08 sec/60° at 6V
Dimensions (WxLxH): 0.75 x 1.54 x 1.36 in
Weight: 2.03 oz
Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
Bearing: Dual
Motor Type: Coreless Hi Torque
Gear Type: Metal

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