X9303 2.4 Heli Tx w/DSM 9 Ch Rx, No SXS Mode 2

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The world's most admired 9-channel radio plus the no-pins, no-crystals, no-glitches convenience and security of proven DSM2TM 2.4GHz technology by SpektrumTM.
  • €410.64
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  • Βάρος 
    2.1 Kgr
  • Κωδικός 
  • DSM/DSM2 Compatible
  • Compatible with all Spetrum Brand Aircraft Receivers
  • R921 DSM2 Receiver Included
  • Flight Modes (3 air, 5 sailplane, 6 heli)
  • 6 Progammable mixers (2 Multi-point style)
  • 3-axis dual rate and expo
  • 7-point throttle and pitch curves
  • Five CCPM mixes (2s 180, 3s 120, 3s 140, 3s 90, 4s 90)
  • Pre-programmed cyclic-to-throttle mixes
  • Pre-programmed Governor mixes
  • This item does not include servos or a receiver battery pack.
A true breakthrough in versatility, the 9 channel, 30 model memory, 3 model type XP9303 2.4�will adapt to your RC needs at a level that’s absolutely unprecedented. Fact is, while the 9303 is right at home guiding the simplest of sport models, park flyers and gliders, its capacity for more complex assignments – including meeting the demands of a wide variety of competition disciplines – is virtually unlimited. So if you’re still working your way up to the challenges and thrills of large aerobatic models, multi-engine scale planes, 4 wing-servo camber-changing sailplanes, the latest CCPM helicopters or sport-level jets, the XP9303 will be ready when you are.

Even before you explore the XP9303’s virtually limitless programming options, you’ll be sure to notice its incomparable feel – its ultra-smooth sticks, precision switches and levers, innovative Rolling Selector, plus case ergonomics that’ll have it melting in your hands. It’s the unmistakable feel of JR quality, and you’ll experience it every time you remove your 9303 for yet another of the countless flying sessions you’re certain to enjoy with it.

Whether your favorite planes are engine or electric, scale or aerobatic, basic or complex, the XP9303’s airplane software has everything it takes to bring out their best - and everything it takes to make flying them the most enjoyable experience possible. For instance:

- There’s a 3 position flap program whose elevator compensation provision includes a delay feature to smooth its position-to-position transitions.

- Using the 9303 “Wing Type” screen’s channel assignment feature, setting up synchronized dual–servo elevators, rudders, ailerons, flaps – even throttles – is a walk in the park.

- Taking advantage of the radio’s Triple Flight Modes (which are selected by a single, 3-position switch), offers in-flight re-configurations that can really reduce pilot workload. (Imagine what 3 different sets of rates, trims, mixes, etc., can accomplish when they’re activated by the flick of only one switch.) A bit more time to set up? Sure. But pros will agree: It’s time well spent.

- By using creative combinations of the 9303’s multi-function button switch (ordinarily just a “snap roll button”), its multi-point mixes and independently adjustable servo speed feature, inventive modelers will achieve a myriad of unique functions for special control and accessory operations.

- Flyers using the 9303’s gyro system will discover it’s the most versatile ever. It handles multiple gyros, then makes it possible to switch activate them or even tie them into flight modes.

- With the 9303’s throttle curve feature, it’s possible to customize your throttle response just the way you like it. Torque-rolling aerobatic flyers can, for example, flatten throttle response in the hovering range. Scale flyers will create a more linear throttle response. And twin flyers will find this invaluable for synchronizing engines
# of Channels:�9
Band:�2.4 Ghz
Servos:�Not included
Receiver:�R921 (JRPR921)
Programming Features:�Aircraft, Heli, & Sailplane
Model Memory:�30
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type:�1500 mah Nimh (included)
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