X-Cell Furion 450 Helicopter Kit

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NEW Item!...NEW Item!...NEW Item!... Miniature Aircraft USA X-Cell Furion 450 Helicopter Kit Electric Aerobatic Mini Helicopter Kit
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Every moving part of the tail rotor assembly is supported by precision ball bearings; this totally eliminates slop, something that has been impossible for other helis to achieve. The graphite tail case is open for easy access.
The main rotor features an adjustable Bell mixing ratio, as opposed to the fixed ratio on other models. The CCPM unit is designed with the cyclic linkage to eliminate unwanted control interaction, with the servos mounted on rails up front to perfectly align the linkage.
The pulley-driven tail rotor belt is a simpler system that uses fewer parts than other 450-size helis, is easier to adjust and eliminates gear drive wear for longer life. The gyro servo is both frame- and boom-mounted, combining the security of frame mounting with the convenience of boom mounting that allows for tail drive belt adjustments without having to change the linkages.
Setting new standards in heli kit engineering and performance.
It’s not just a heli kit; it’s a technical marvel. The X-Cell Furion 450 is designed for the serious heli modeler who demands the very best in a mini-sized electric machine — and it delivers on all fronts.
Only the finest materials, latest construction techniques and most rigorous testing were used to develop the X-Cell Furion 450, a championship-caliber model that’s the heli highlight of the year! Carbon fiber, anodized aluminum and molded plastic are used throughout.
Two pinion gears are included (11T, 13T) to expand motor options.
A total of 38 high-quality bearings have been incorporated in the Furion 450, including two thrust bearings and a one-way Torrington clutch bearing.
The servo tray moves up and down, allowing it to accept all popular micro servos.
A graphite ring on the bottom of the swash plate adds protection, and ensures that the bearings are captured. Wide-space frame rails eliminate the need for spacers, providing more room for radio gear and easier motor access.
The one-piece molded landing gear is virtually unbreakable.
The gyro mounts on the underside of the frame to help protect it from crash damage.
The unique graphite blade grips add rigidity by eliminating unwanted flex.

Length: 25 in (635mm)
Height: 8.7 in (220mm)
Weight: 1.4 lb (650g)
Main Drive Ratios:
13.63:1 (150T Main Gear/11T Pinion Gear)
11.53:1 (150T Main Gear/13T Pinion Gear)
Tail Drive Ratio: 4.63:1
Rotor Diameter: 28.3-28.7 in (718.5-728.5mm)
Includes: 11T & 13T pinion gears
Requires: 6+ channel heli radio, (3) micro servos, heading hold gyro, 450 - size brushless motor, 40A (min.) brushless ESC, 3S 11.1V Lithium-Polymer battery, 320-325 mm carbon fiber main blades
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