Saito FA-125A AAC w/Muffler: AG

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FA-125A AAC w/Muffler: AG
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FA-125A AAC w/Muffler: AG
Only Saito could put 1.25 cubic inches of power into a 1.00 size case. Not only is the FA-125 lighter and more powerful than the FA-120 it replaces, its unique size allows modelers to apply its awesome power to a wide variety of airplane sizes. It will work with anything from .90 size sport aerobats all the way up to 1.20 size sport and IMAC planes. As with most Saito engines, the FA-125A is available in a stunning Golden Knight version with a gloss black finish and gold plated valve covers.
With 10 fewer ounces and .05 more cubic inches than the FA-120 it replaces, the FA-125A gives new meaning to the term �escape velocity�. Just bolt one to the nose of Hangar 9�s Showtime 90 and you�ll see what we mean.
You will need...
Propeller: 16x6
Displacement:1.25 cu in (20.52 cc)
Bore:1.24 in (31.7 mm)
Stroke:1.02 in (26.0 mm)
Cylinders:Single AAC
Total Weight:24.69 oz (700 grams)
Engine (Only) Weight:21.87 oz (620 grams)
Muffler Weight:2.89 oz (80 grams)
Crankshaft Threads:M8 x 1.25 mm
Benchmark Prop:APC 16X6 @ 9,000 RPM
Prop Range:15x7 - 17x6
RPM Range:1,800 - 10,000 RPM
Fuel:10% - 30% nitro Synthetic mix
Mounting Dimensions:152 x 60 x 126 mm
Muffler Type:Cast
Cylinder Type:AAC
Carb Type:2 Needle
Crank Type:Dual Ball Bearing
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