Saito 91S Golden Knight AAC with muffler

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Saito 91S Golden Knight AAC with muffler
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Saito 91S Golden Knight AAC with muffler.
  • AAC design for lighter weight and increased longevity.
  • Baked on, gloss-black finish with shiny gold valve covers.
  • Reliable start-ups, easy handling, and just right for mid-sized aircraft.
Built for horsepower, the .91 still uses the same case as the FA-65/80 but puts out a whopping 1.7 hp. Famed Radio Controlled Modeler columnist and engine guru Clarence Lee calls the .91S "a real stump puller...". Compared to popular competitors, the lightweight AAC 91S wins the power-to-weight ratio contest hands down. You will be astonished at the power, reliability and smoothness of this engine when you see it for yourself.
Displacement:.91 cu in (15.0 cc)
Bore:1.11 in (28.20 mm)
Stroke:0.94 in (24.00 mm)
Cylinders:Single - Chrome Plated
Engine (Only) Weight:19.6 oz
Crankshaft Threads:M7 x 1mm
Benchmark Prop:14 x 6 Zinger @ 9,100
Prop Range:12x8 - 15x6
RPM Range:2,000 - 11,000
Fuel:10% - 30% Synthetic
Mounting Dimensions:116 x 60 x 117 mm
Muffler Type:Cast
Cylinder Type:AAC
Carb Type:Barrel, 2 Needle Valve
Crank Type:Ball Bearing
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