PCM9XII 35MHz, COMPO, RS10DS synth, 4x ES-539

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JR PLL-Synthesizer System N9II HSL , COMPO with RS10DS synth receiver,  4x ES-539 servos, TX battery, RX battery.  35 MHz
  • €444.54
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With 9 channels, 30 model memory & S-class 1024 precision, the PCM9xII is possibly the most powerful 9 channel system on the market today. The transmitter is based on the 9303 (which itself was based on the PCM9X) and is now packed with extra software to enable you to fly any R/C aircraft, whether it is an aeroplane, helicopter or glider. 
With some switch assignability, 7 point mixes, 7 point throttle & pitch curves, a new clean interface design, and JR's legendary ease of use. The PCM9xII is designed by modellers for modellers. Full digital trims and a wealth of software features allows the PCM9xII to be extremely versatile.
Standard sets are supplied as Mode 2, with four ES-539 ball-raced servos, a Synthesised Tx Module and a RS10DS Synthesised SPCM 10 Channel Receiver, plus nicads & charger.
  • Fly aeroplanes, helicopters & gliders from one Tx
  • 9channel S-PCM (1024)/Z-PCM (512)/PPM ABC&W
  • 30 model memory
  • Advanced Digital Trims
  • Large size, multi-line graphical display
  • Model data transfer function
  • Programmable multi-point curve mixing
  • CCPM swash-plate mixing (now including 140 CCPM)
  • Gyro gain select switch
  • Programmable trainer function
  • Changeable RF module
  • Limited Switch Assignability
  • Enhanced Glider Functions: 5 Flight modes, the inclusion of the device select, flight mode delays, additional motor hold, increase in number of timers
  • Receiver   RS10DS  ( included )
  • Servos  ES539
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      JR PROPO
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