Mini Indor Helicopter

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Mini Indor Helicopter Ready to Fly
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Ready to run: Supplied completely assembled and ready-to-fly, with pre-installed two channel Proportional wide beam infra red control system-bands A, B,C.

Helicopter weight: Only 12g, including Li-Poly battery

Range: Tri-band A, B, C, allow up to three models to be flown at the same time.

Charger: Recharging directly from the transmitter unit. Charger supplied with LED indicator. Auto shut off. Simply plug in and charge, with easy to use connections.

Flight duration: Equal to 10 minutes

Charge time: 20-30 minutes for full charge

Suitable for indoor flying only.
Suitable for ages 8 & up.
Requires 6 x AA Batteries for the transmitter (not included).

If you need more info pls send E-mail to us!

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