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MAX-50SX-H RING Hyper. A Hyper engine for superior heli performance!
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MAX-50SX-H RING Hyper.

For over-the-top flying excitement, the .50 SX-H Ringed Hyper engine is the clear favorite!

  • The Hyper version weighs less than the .50 SX-H, but delivers more horsepower for higher rotor speeds.

  • Actually mounts in the same space as a .30-size application.

  • The 60LH carburetor features 1.5 mm more bore, to increase overall power.
Besides good looks and excellent cooling, the .50 SX-H Ringed Hyper engine�s machined blue alumite heat sink head also boosts combustion efficiency for more power stability.
Stock Number:
Displacement: 0.499 cu in (8.17 cc)
Bore: 0.866 in (22 mm)
Stroke: 0.847 in (21.5 mm)
Practical rpm range: 2,000-20,000
Output:1.9 hp @ 17,000 rpm
Weight: 14.3 oz (406 g)
Includes: 60LH carburetor, #8 glow plug
Requires: muffler, drive hub
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