Lama V4 Helicopter RTF Blue

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RTF Lama V4 Helicopter
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    3 Kgr
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(1).Main rotor diameter:340mm;
(4).Power system:180 motor*2;
(6).Transmitter:Standard 4 CH;
(7).Mix controller:4 in 1 controller(W/gyro,mixer,ESC,receiver);
(9).Battery:7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer battery;

Lama V4 is a kind of helicopters with new design idea remote-control skill. Its power adopts coaxial counter-rotating blades and dual-motor system. The "4 in 1" mix controller integrates the functions of Gyro, Mixer, ESC and Receiver. The canopy can disassemble and install easily so as ot adjust and mend the helicopter conveniently.It is also pretty and practical. Lama V4 possess of stable and precise flight capability. The installation of two ESKY 8g servo provides a very smart and prompt reaction to the helicopter. So that the helicopter can hang in the air and do various direction flight easily. 7.4 Li-polymer battery extends its flying time. We believe that Lama V4 can be the best choice for beginner and the best entertainment for flying master. It will bring infinite happiness to you and your friends. Let’s enjoy the happy flying and beyond your dream.
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