GWS 2208/18T Outrunner Brushless motor, 1050Kv

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GWS 2208/18T Outrunner Brushless, 1050Kv
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  • Never let it run continually for over than 5 minutes when the power reaches 90W or 10 seconds when its reaches 140W.
  • It is recommended to use this motor on 3D airplane with total flying weight less than 12.36 oz (350 g).
  • It is required to keep good ventilation for this motor during its running hours.
  • This motor could not work when the temperature goes higher than 150F (70C).
  • The temperature will go higher than 104F (40C) very quickly when the power reaches 90W.
  • Using propeller longer than 8 x 4 in. on this motor is not recommended, this motor has been tested to work well with 2S 7.4V Li-Po battery pack and it is strongly recommended to use ONLY 2S 7.4V Li-Po battery pack with this motor.
  • It is not recommended to reach current drawing over than 12A when 2S 7.4V LiPo battery pack is applied with this motor.
  • It is strongly recommended to take great care when using propeller size in 8 x 4.3 in. on this motor as the current drawing would be over than its maximum limitation quickly when high RPM applied.


  • Voltage: 7.4
  • Current: 0.77A (No load)
  • Speed: 15050 RPM (No load)
  • Dimensions: 0.86 in (22 mm), 3 mm Shaft
  • Weight: 1.07 oz (30 g)

Propeller Recommendation:

  • EP-7035: 7.6A, 11.07 oz (313 g) Thrust, 56.24W, 11500 RPM
  • EP-8040: 11.5A, 14.67 oz (416 g) Thrust, 85.10W, 9100 RPM
  • EP-8043: 13A, 14.95 oz (424g g) Thrust, 96.20W, 8000 RPM
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