G7703D/S820G Gyro/Servo Combo Pack

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G7703D/S820G Gyro/Servo Combo Pack
  • €189.08
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  • Κωδικός 
  • Constant Pirouette rate G770 3D Gyro
  • Heading-Lock and Normal modes available
  • Aluminum Gyro case
  • G770 3D Gyro features Analog and Digital servo compatibility
  • Ultra-Speed Servo for Instant Tail Control Reaction
  • 8900G features an aluminum Heat Sink Center Case to help keep motor cool and increase efficiency
  • Perfect for 600 Size and larger Helis
  • Ultra Precision Nylon Gears
 The latest G770T gyro is finally here! Currently receiving great reviews on the major RC Forums ! With its "Full Metal Jacket" and Silicon Ring Vibration Sensor (SRVS), it offers the ultimate in drift free operation. Other features include Auto Trim, which automatically compensates for any difference in trim between Normal and Tail Lock Modes. Tail Lock can also be selected remotely from the transmitter, and the Tail Lock efficiency can be adjusted at the Tx too. The G770T is designed for use with a high-speed servo, with maximum performance being attained using a JR DS-8900G.
Type: SRVS UltraLok ™ Technology 3D Gyro
Weight: 30 gram
Dimensions (WxLxH): 1.12"x.83"x.35"
Gain Type: Heading lock and normal rate modes interlocked with Gyro Gain
Operating Voltage: 4.8 to 6.0 V (Note: Most tail servos are limited to 4.8V)
Reversing Switch: Yes
High/Low Frame Rate Select: Yes
Servo Travel Limiter: Yes
Current Draw: 80 mA
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