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JR's legendary digital precision, speed and torque, now with added heat sink for protection.
  • €122.65
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    0.1 Kgr
  • Κωδικός 
  • Anodized aluminum heat sink
  • 403 oz/in torque
  • Greater strength and holding power
  • Drop in replacement
  • Allows for larger surface, fewer servos per surface
The unmatched power of JR’s DS8711 standard-size digital servo is nothing short of astonishing. But the 8711’s story doesn’t end with its awesome power.

  The 8711 also has all the speed, the holding-power and the zero-deadband precision that have made JR digitals the choice of serious RCers right from the start. Plus it’s also the first JR digital to feature an aluminum heat sink section for optimum reliability.


Size Category: Standard
Type: Digital
Application: Ultra Torque
Torque: 347 oz/in at 4.8V, 403 oz/in at 6V
Speed: .19 sec/60° at 4.8V, .15 sec/60° at 6V
Dimensions (WxLxH): .82" x 1.58" x 1.56"
Weight: 2.36 oz
Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
Gear Type: Metal
Gear Material: Metal Alloy
Gears: Metal alloy

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