Blackjack 26 Nitro Catamaran RT-RPRB2800

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The Blackjack 26 from Pro Boat? combines off-shore styling with hand-built quality and performance for an intense RC experience.
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    6 Kgr
  • Κωδικός 
  • Complete RTR
  • Dynamite? .15 marine engine with tuned pipe installed
  • Sullivan Tiger Drive starting system and handheld starter
  • Steerable drive system for sharp handling
  • Handcrafted catamaran hull for superior handling in rough conditions
  • Fiberglass composite hull design
  • Unique, stylish finish and detail
  • Pro Boat? 2-channel AM pistol-grip radio installed
  • Waterproof radio compartment protects receiver and servos
  • Includes custom boat stand
Boaters looking for something different should pounce on the new Blackjack 26 RTR from Pro Boat?. It?s a .15-size nitro-powered catamaran that combines a great look and superior features for unforgettable water fun.

Chief among its top-quality features are its easy-going Tiger Drive electric marine starting system?no more frustrating pull-starts?and steerable drive system that handle very well with little maintenance.

The Blackjack 26 also includes a Dynamite? .15 engine with tuned pipe, Pro Boat pistol-grip AM radio system and long-lasting prepainted fiberglass hull.
Tech Notes

Flex Shaft Care:

Check the flex shaft after every run by rotating the propeller by hand (with the engine not running).
If you feel any binding, lubricate the flex shaft. The flex shaft should be cleaned by
wiping with a rag and denatured alcohol then lubricated after 3-4 hours of operation and
after sitting dormant for several weeks.

If you are running in saltwater you should clean and lubricate your flex shaft after every session.

Please refer to your owners manual for flex shaft removal.

You will need...


Glow driver
fuel bottle
12 ?AA? batteries
Length:�26 in (660mm)
Beam:�8.26 in (210mm)
Engine Size:�Dynamite .15 Marine with tuned pipe (preinstalled)
Radio:�Pro Boat 2?channel pistol-grip AM 27MHz, (preinstalled)
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