AR7000 DSM2 7Ch Receiver

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AR7000 DSM2 7Ch Receiver
  • €52.84
  • Βάρος 
    0.1 Kgr
  • Κωδικός 
  • 7 Channels
  • Internal and remote receiver
  • DuaLink
  • ModelMatch prevents flying a model using the wrong model memory (feature does not work with module systems)
  • ServoSync (feature does not work with module systems)
  • SmartSafe fail-safe system
The AR7000 combines an internal and remote receiver, offering superior path diversity.  The radio system simultaneously transmits on two frequencies, creating dual RF paths.  This dual path redundancy, plus the fact each of the two receivers is located in a slightly different location exposes each to a different RF environment and creates a bulletproof RF link in all conditions.
The AR7000 features DSM2™ technology and is only compatible with DSM2 transmitters. The AR7000 will not operate with the DX6 or Spektrum® surface systems.
Type: AR7000 7 ch DSM2 Full Range Receiver
# of Channels: 7
Modulation: DSM2
Band: 2.4GHz
Weight: 14 g
Voltage Range: 3.5V-9.6V
Antenna Length: 30mm (2)
  • Κατασκευαστής
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