AR6100 DSM2 6Ch Microlite Receiver

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Spektrums Microlite park flyer 6-channel receiver!
  • €33.61
  • Βάρος 
    0.1 Kgr
  • Κωδικός 
  • Super light weight 3.5 grams!
  • DSM2 Technology
  • Compatible only with DSM2 aircraft radio and module systems
  • 6 Channel
  • Compact design 19mm x 30mm x 9mm
  • Short 29mm antennas for mounting convenience
Compatible with DSM2 Radio and Module Systems.
At only 3.5 grams and 19mm x 30mm x 9mm (WxLxH), the AR6100 is the ultimate 2.4GHz receiver for most any small electric model from mini profile foamies to 400 class helis. Because it uses advanced DSM2™ technology, it is only compatible with DSM2 aircraft radio and module systems. It also boasts a wide input range that allows it to operate with 3.5- to 9-volt electrical systems.
Type: Park flyer, Foamies, Up to 400 class helis
# of Channels: 6
Modulation: DSM2
Band: 2.4 GHz
Dimensions (WxLxH): 19mm x 30mm x 9mm
Weight: 3.5 grams
Voltage Range: 3.5v - 9.6v
Antenna Length: 2 @ 30mm each
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