600 Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit-Align-H60133T-03

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This is a replacement spare part 600 Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit-Align-H60133T-03
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    0.15 Kgr
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Use for T-REX 600/600 Nitro。
●The parts of Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit and Metal Tail Belt Unit can not be used universally mutually.


Metal plate(L) x 1(39.5x25x9.3mm)
●Metal plate(R) x 1(39.5x25x9.3mm)
●Metal tail unit x 1(Φ18xΦ23.6x53mm)
●Control arm mounting bolt x 1(15x7x11.6mm)
●Tail rotor shaft assembly x 1
●Aluminum bolt x 1(Φ4.98x24mm)
●Bearing MR105ZZ x 2(Φ5xΦ10x4mm)
●Screw x 2(M2x5mm)
●Screw x 1(M3x8mm)
●Screw x 2(M3x10mm)
●Socket button head screw x 6(M3x6mm)
●M3 Specialty washer x 2(Φ2xΦ8x2mm)
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