6 in 1 Battery Charger for DJI Mini 2? EU plug

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Fully Charging 4 Batteries about 70 minutes
Rapid Charge 4 Batteries Simultaneously

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Charge four batteries,remote controller at the same time
Battery Connect Port: (8.8V 2A) x4
USB Output Port: 5V3A.
Note: Not fit for Mavic Mini

Red Light: Charging .
Green Light: Charge Complete (or no battery)
AC Power Port : AC100- 240V 50/60HZ

Multiple Protections,Safe Charging
Over-voltage protection
Over-current protection
Short circuit protection
Over-charge protection

Delicate details protect the battery
Electrical pins thickness 0.4 mm with rounded corners,same thickness as original pins

Heat dissipation holes on the bottom effectively reduce the charging temperature
Raised pad, Prevent scratches on the bottom of the charger and conducive to charger heat dissipation

Size comparison
Small and compact design
Charger size:11.5*11.5cm  

Packing list:
1x charger,
1x power cable,
4x battery charging cable,
(Not include Battery, Remote Controller, USB charging cable and Cellphone)

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