4600MA - 4 cell - 6.6 volt 2s2p - A123 - HI CURRENT RX pack

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4600MA - 4 cell - 6.6 volt 2s2p - A123 - HI CURRENT RX pack, w/12" 16 ga wire & Female Deans connector , w/ voltage test lead
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A123 DURALITE PLUS with Stay Balance Circuitry
• Safe Chemistry will not explode or catch fire
• Fast charge capable - 100% in 15 minutes(4c) through the power leads with an A123 capable charger
• 30c continuous, 60c bursts
• No external balancing required - Exclusive Duralite Stay Balance Circuitry built-in to every pack
• Charge through the charge lead with a Duralite Plus charger. Duralite circuit terminates the charge cycle at 7.2 volts when using a Duralite Plus Charger.
• Or charge with an A123 capable charger like an Orbit Pocketlader through the charge lead at no more than one amp
• 6.6 volt - no regulator needed for most RX applications
• Longer life cycle than lithium polymer chemistry

High Current Wiring - For Latest Digital Servos - High Current power output lead 12" 16ga wire & female deans connector

4600 mah - RX 4 cell� 6.6volt - 2s2p - redundan
6464HC-High Current wiring
Max Discharge Continuous - 30c
Flight weight: 12 oz
Size: 2.25" x 2.25" x 2.75" (T/W/L)
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