3S+3S - for Chinese-style lipo battery balance charger

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3S+3S - for Chinese-style lipo battery balance charger
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Kong Power Battery Bridge(YH-3+3-6S) is designed to be used on a TP-Style lipo balancer or the Kong Power balancing charger. It allows you to bridge two 3s1p batteries into a 6s1p in order to balance two packs using one balancer, or one balancing charger. Battery Bridge YH-EH-3+3-6S, XH-EH-3+3-6S, and XH-3+3-6S are also available for other tyoe of balancers and chargers.

Once a pair of TP style 3S battery packs are connected to Kong Power Battery Bridge, a pair of 3S battery automatically are series connected into a 6S pack with or without series connect the main wires.

The Kong Power Battery Bridge should be connected directly to the balancer or charger. If other wires, connectors or adapters are used in conjunction with the Kong Power Battery Bridge, both of the Kong Power Battery Bridge and the balance adapter on the battery pack might be damaged.

To charge a pair of TP-style 3S battery packs with Kong Power Battery Bridge, please DO follow the instructions in manual that come with your charger. If the user fails to follow the instruction in the manual of your charger, both of the Kong Power Battery Bridge and the balance adapter on the battery pack will be damaged.

If this Kong Power Battery Bridge does not fit with your specific battery application, please discuss your balancing needs with your local distributor.
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