2.4GHz LAMA V4

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Lama V4 with 2,4 GHz transmiter and digital servos.
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(1).Main rotor diameter: Φ340mm
(2).Weight: about 230g
(3).Length: 408mm,width: 85 mm,height: 180mm
(4).Power system: 180 motor*2pcs
(5).Ready to fly model
(6).Transmitter: Standard 4 CH 2.4G transmitter(including training switch and simulator port)
(7).Mix controller: 4 in 1 mix controller (Including gyro,mixer,ESC,receiver)
(8).Servo:Digital servo(weight:7.5g;torque:1.0kg·cm;speed:0.1s/60°)
(9).Battery: 7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer battery set
(10).Standard outfit:0.6A charger、adaptor、8 dry batteries、2 pairs of spare blades

The design of the Lama V4 adopts a co-axial and counter-rotating system which makes it most suitable for indoor flight. Its characteristics are: easy controllable flying, simple operation and quick re-charging. The "4 in " mix controller integrates the functions of Gyro, Mixer, ESC and Receiver. Two superior 180 motors and one 7.4V Lithium battery offer powerful performance and long flight times. The canopy can be taken apart and re-assembled easily, allowing adjustments and repairs to be made very conveniently. It is also attrac-tively finished and practical.
   The new 2.4G remote control system adopts Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology and digital FSK (Frequency Shift Key) coding technology. This combined with two digital servos, ensures a rapid response, precise control and nimbler movement. With this system, several flyers can operate simultaneously within the same immediate area offering a safe and relaxed flying experience. You will be able not only to hover but to control the helicopter in all directions. Make slow and fast turns to test your skills - placing the helicopter at chosen points around the room. Having mastered taking-off and landing, you will find countless ways to enjoy your Lama V4! We believe the Lama V4 is not only the best choice for the beginner but also great fun for the experienced flyer. It will bring endless enjoyment to you and your friends. Let’s enjoy the fun flying beyond your dreams!

LAMA V4, has been completely assembled in the factory, it can fly after finishing charging the battery. Electronic system has been completely adjusted by the engineer before packing, no adjustment is needed. Standard outfit include: a kit, a transmitter, a set of charger, main blade, a chargeable battery, transmitter battery unit (8pcs), a ESKY softdog and a Instructional Video CD for computer,which are ready to fly out of box.
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