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Dji Mavic
RSC 2 (Ronin-SC 2) RSC 2 (Ronin-SC 2)
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Ronin 2 Professional Combo Ronin 2 Professional Combo
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The DJI R Twist Grip Dual Handle is equipped with NATO ports to enable holding of DJI RS 2/DJI RSC 2 in various configurations, such as with both hand..
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Ronin-S Ronin-S
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Ronin-SC Ronin-SC
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Ronin-SC Pro Combo Ronin-SC Pro Combo
Super Προσφορα
EAN: 4031541738028
THE case for your DJI RoninS! Thanks to its size and the prefabricated foam it provides enough space for your DJI RoninS and other equipment. This means in addition to the DJI RoninS finds a tripod, the camera mounting plate and an USB power plug the..
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Material: carbon fiber and CNC Aluminum    30mm carbon tube    350mm long    Package includes 1pc 1/4" interface; 1pc 3/8" interface; 1pc rod    Net weight: 170g; Gross weight: 200g..
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EAN: 6958265104992
DJI Focus - Extended Motor Gear (MOD 0.8)This gear projects further away from the motor than the original gear, and is used to accommodate for special lens sizes or customized equipment.Used to turn the gear ring on the camera lens to control the foc..
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DJI Focus - Motor DJI Focus - Motor
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EAN: 6958265122194
A signal receiver built into the DJI Focus Motor receives signals sent from the remote controller to precisely control the camera's focus, aperture and zoom...
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EAN: 6958265121234
DJI Focus - Motor Power Cable (Right Angle, 400mm). 400mm Right Angle Motor Power Cable for connecting the motor to an external power source...
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EAN: 6958265153488
The DJI Focus uses DJI’s expertise in brushless motors for previously unheard of levels of precision and accuracy. The brushless motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself. It also..
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DJI Force Pro DJI Force Pro
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EAN: 6958265166099
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DJI R Phone Holder DJI R Phone Holder
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EAN: 6941565901378
OverviewThe DJI R Phone Holder secures the smartphone for monitoring, ActiveTrack 3.0, or Force Mobile. Equipped with a cold shoe port, NATO port, and 1/4"-20 tapped holes, the Phone Holder rotates between horizontal and vertical positions for conven..
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EAN: 6941565901491
The DJI R Twist Grip Dual Handle is equipped with NATO ports to enable holding of DJI RS 2/DJI RSC 2 in various configurations, such as with both hands and briefcase mode. Includes a quick-release design and mechanical handles on either side that can..
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DJI Ronin 3D Focus System DJI Ronin 3D Focus System
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EAN: 6941565906731
The max detection range of the DJI Ronin 3D Focus System may vary according to the subject’s reflectivity. When filming a person, the max range is approximately six meters.n The Box3D Focus System × 11/4''-20 to Cold Shoe Adapter × 1Multi-Camera Cont..
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DJI Ronin RavenEye Image Transmission System DJI Ronin RavenEye Image Transmission System
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EAN: GPC-Ronin M-1
This case is for the filmmakers needing quick deployment! The GPC Ronin-M case allows you to only have to break down into only 4 easy pieces. Set up time is drastically reduced, because the gimbal stays in balance from the last shoot even with the ca..
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DJI Ronin-S Monitor Mount DJI Ronin-S Monitor Mount
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EAN: 817465022719
Expand your creative possibilities and better visualize the way your final footage will look with the Monitor Mount for the DJI Ronin-S / SC. Monitor Mount provides multiple viewing angles as your position shifts from scene to scene. Equipped with 3 ..
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Follow Focus Mount (15mm) (Ronin/Ronin-M)
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EAN: 6958265113154
Follow Focus Mount (15mm) (Ronin/Ronin-M)Follow Focus Mount (15mm). Mount accessories or a follow focus system onto this extendable 15mm rod set...
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EAN: 6970801334427
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PGYTECH Ronin S/SC handgrip mount Plus PGYTECH Ronin S/SC handgrip mount Plus
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Ronin & Ronin-M - Part41 Battery Power Distributor Ronin & Ronin-M - Part41 Battery Power Distributor
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EAN: 6958265121210
Ronin & Ronin-M - Battery Power DistributorDesigned for the Ronin and Ronin-M hand-held gimbals, this Battery Power Distributor has a P-Tap power connector that can supply power to the gimbal and other onboard devices (such as a RED camera). The powe..
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EAN: 6958265121227
Used to connect the Ronin & Ronin-M Battery Power Distributor to a RED camera or another camera with the same connector port. The RED power cable is also compatible with the Ronin and Ronin-M gimbal and has a length of 50 cm...
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Ronin 2 Professional Combo Ronin 2 Professional Combo
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EAN: 6958265150814
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EAN: 6958265113888
Handle bars on the left and right sides of the gimbal...
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EAN: 6958265113314
RONIN Part 36  Pan Balance Adjustment..
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EAN: 6958265113345
RONIN Multi Function Mount..
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