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AR6110 DSM2 Microlite 6Ch Park Flyer Rx, Air
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AR6110 DSM2 Microlite 6Ch Park Flyer Rx, Air Overview Spektrums 2.4GHz DSM2 technology gets even smaller with the AR6110 6-channel DSM2 Microlite Park Flyer Receiver. The AR6110 weighs less than 3.5 grams making it th..
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EAN: SPM9001
Battery Door,Grey:DX3,DX2..
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D4R-II FrSky 4ch telemetry receiver
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FrSky 4ch telemetry receiver OVERVIEW..
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Double transmitter aluminum case Double transmitter aluminum case
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Dimension: 45cm(L)* 21cm (W) * 32cm (H) Dimension inside(left and right): 21cm(L) * 11cm(W) * 21cm(H) Dimension inside(front): 43cm(L) * 7.5cm(W) * 21cm (H) G.W.: 3.2kg  ..
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DSMX 8CH Receiver  AIR
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Spektrum is committed to offering receivers to modelers in all categories within the hobby, and the AR8000 is no exception to that commitment. The AR8000 is packed with industry-leading features including an incredibly fast input-to-output response w..
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DT7 & DR16 RC System DT7 & DR16 RC System
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EAN: 6958265117008
A Total Solution For HobbyistsWorks perfectly with DJI flight control systems requiring only a single D-Bus cable, and provides two switches and a gimbal pitch control slider. Combined with a Naza-M flight control system, Flame Wheel series flight pl..
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EAN: SPM18000
To truly fly like a pro takes skill and the right tools. If you have the skill, the DX18 has the pro-class tools you need. Extensive programming for airplanes and helicopters The most impressive suite of sailplane programming featu..
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DX2.0 DSM 2CH Pistol w/1-Z270 SX & 1-Z590M SX
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EAN: SPM20200
FEATURES Built-in 2.4GHz DSM technology SR3000 3-Channel DSM Receiver Z270 Standard Race Servo Z590 Hi-Torque Race Servo OVERVIEW The DX2.0 is a 2-Channel, 2-model memory, 2.4GHz DSM (Digital Spectrum Modulation..
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EAN: SPM2322
Key Features Compatible with AVC™ Technology (Requires AVC compatible receiver) Perfect for sport level cars and boats Ergonomic grip Servo reversing Proven reliability from the Spektrum™ brand..
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EAN: SPM2120
Overview Combining Spektrum’s industry-leading 2.4GHz DSM® technology with valuable telemetry features and an incredible price point, the DX2S represents a breakthrough in 2-channel sport-level radio systems. RTR drivers and sport racers can add ..
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DX3.0 DSM 3CH Pistol w/ 1-Z270 Sx & 1-Z590M Sx
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EAN: SPM20300
FEATURES   Built-in 2.4GHz DSM technology 2-SR3000 3-Channel DSM Receiver 1-Z270 Standard Race Servo 1-Z590 Hi-Torque Race Servo Ability to hold the 3rd channel position for reverse OVERVIEW   Spektrum&..
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EAN: SPM3300
Key Features 20 Model Memory Rolling selector makes programming easy SR300 DSM 3-Channel Sport Receiver Included Adjustable Steering Wheel Tension Top-notch programming includes assignable switches, programmable mix, s..
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DX3E 3Ch DSM Surface Radio DX3E 3Ch DSM Surface Radio
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EAN: SPM3160
DX3E 3Ch DSM Surface Radio Overview Revolutionizing the industry yet again, Spektrum announces their most affordable 2.4GHz system ever offered. Packed with features and added value, the DX3E is just what consumers ha..
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EAN: SPM3100
FEATURES 30-model memory ModelMatch Digital trims Graphically depicted exponential Graphically depicted travel adjustment Trim rate adjustment Steering dual rate Steering dual rate override Frame rate Servo monitor Switch a..
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DX3R Pro DX3R Pro
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EAN: SPM3200
If you want a radio that's packed with high-end features, the DX3R PRO delivers. It is Spektrum's advanced pro-level surface transmitter system. This easy-to-use transmitter is incredibly intuitive and has the lowest latency on the market. You're goi..
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EAN: SPM3140
DX3S 3-Channel DSM Surface Radio with Telemetry Overview Combining Spektrums industry-leading 2.4GHz DSM technology with valuable telemetry features, the DX3S represents the most advanced sport-level DSM radio ever d..
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DX4e DSMX 4-Channel Full Range Tx only DX4e DSMX 4-Channel Full Range Tx only
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DX4e DSMX 4-Channel Full Range Tx only MD2/4 Overview This is a replacement Mode 2/4 transmitter for RTF aircraft.  The mode is changed from 2 to 4 with a switch on the transmitter. Included contents: - Transmitter - Instruction Manua..
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DX5e 5Ch DSMX Full Range Transmitter/Receiver only MD2 DX5e 5Ch DSMX Full Range Transmitter/Receiver only MD2
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EAN: SPM55002
DX5e 5Ch Full Range Transmitter/Receiver only MD2 Overview Spektrum introduces another enormous change for the RC industry—the most affordable full range 2.4GHz radio ever available. The DX5e brings together the unbeatable control of genuine DS..
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EAN: SPM6700
Another Blow to the Status Quo The DX6 has been designed from the ground up to deliver way more than you would ever expect from a 6-channel transmitter in its price range. Instead of having to content yourself with a handful of settings for a..
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ:178,86€
DX7s DX7s
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EAN: SPM7800
Besides advanced DSMX™ technology and an impressive list of programming features for airplanes and helicopters, the DX7s gives you the unparalleled situational awareness of Spektrum telemetry technology. Its balanced weight, smooth, quad-bearing gimb..
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ:211,38€
DX8: The worlds most advanced 8-channel radio The DX8 offers pilots control and comfort like no other 8 channel radio, built from the ground up for ease of use and optimize ergonomics. Spektrum AirWare software offers the ability to monitor cruci..
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DX8 Transmitter System MD2 EU with AR8000 Receiver DX8 Transmitter System MD2 EU with AR8000 Receiver
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DX8 Transmitter System MD2 EU with AR8000 Receiver   DX8G2 The DX8 G2 comes with an impressive list of programming features that rivals that of much more expensive trans..
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EAN: SPM9900
DX9 Black Edition System w/ AR9020 Receiver and Aluminum Case The DX9 Black Edition gives you the same incredible features and user-friendly ergonomics of the original DX9 but adds a stunning black finish along with a special edition transmit..
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ:483,86€
Spektrum AirWare™ Software. Remarkably Easy to Use. From its beginnings, the people behind Spektrum technology have constantly sought new ways to make the RC experience simpler, safer and, most of all, more fun. The DX9 is proof positive this..
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PCM9XII 35MHz, COMPO, RS10DS synth, 4x ES-539 PCM9XII 35MHz, COMPO, RS10DS synth, 4x ES-539
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With 9 channels, 30 model memory & S-class 1024 precision, the PCM9xII is possibly the most powerful 9 channel system on the market today. The transmitter is based on the 9303 (which itself was based on the PCM9X) and is now packed with extra softwar..
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ:444,54€
Replacement Antenna: DX2.0/DX3.0
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EAN: SPM6819
Replacement Antenna: DX2.0/DX3.0..
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EAN: SPM6703
Quickly and easily attaches to your transmitter Helps balance DX radios and transmitters with 2.4GHz antennas You will need...for installing #1 Phillips Screw Driver 2.5mm Hex Wrench..
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