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DJI S-800 EVO With Free WKM + Z15

DJI S-800 EVO With Free WKM + Z15
DJI S-800 EVO With Free WKM + Z15
DJI S-800 EVO With Free WKM + Z15
DJI S-800 EVO With Free WKM + Z15
DJI S-800 EVO With Free WKM + Z15
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WKM for free!!!,

GIMBAL Z15 Included in this package

Next Generation Innovative Professional Hex-Rotor Platform
The S800 EVO is a revolutionary hex-rotor platform designed for professional aerial photography.
Design features include a strengthened and rigid frame structure, a strong and stable power system, an efficient and abundant power reserve, foldable propellers for increased portability, expanded airframe
trays for mounting additional electronics, and superior vibration dampening integrated into the airframe -- all of these features make the S800 EVO Airframe a perfect choice for commercial and
industrial AP applications.
• Highly integrated design, simple and easy to install.
• Retractable landing gear, folding propellers and folding GPS bracket, enables good portability and an excellent user experience, making it more superior to other platforms.
• The Retractable landing gear and high-performance vibration absorber kit helps you to achieve the full range of aerial perspective and shoot high quality video material.
• Perfectly matched with the WooKong-M flight control system, it’s easy to obtain a stable hover and has excellent flight performance, and can be widely used in the various fields of unmanned aerial vehicles

Strengthened and Rigid Frame Structure
The S800 EVO has a new and strengthened structure design, which has greatly enhanced the rigidity and stability of the whole system. The arms have embedded Silicone Rubber (SR) Wires. The innovative integrated
design makes installation simple and neat. There is more space available on the Centre Frame, which makes it
easier for you to install various auxiliary equipments required for aerial photography.

Stable and High Performance Power System
The newly designed motor has a built-in centrifugal fan with optimized heat dissipation channels; the electronic speed controller (ESC) has a new efficient control algorithm, and is equipped with a heat sink; and
the integrated design of high brightness LEDs not only makes the whole equipment the focus of attention, but also gives added visibility of the aircraft.

High Efficiency Power Reserve
The S800 EVO has a new power system with plenty of power reserve. Each frame arm has a power capacity of up to 500W, therefore the takeoff capacity of the flight control system has been greatly increased, which
allows you to enjoy the experience of using the high performance S800 EVO.

Retractable Landing Gear, Folding Propeller and Folding GPS Bracket
The S800 EVO has a standard configuration including retractable landing gear, folding propellers and folding GPS bracket. Its excellent portability and extraordinary user experience makes it more superior to other multirotor
platforms; the retractable landing gear will never block the view of the camera lens, and using the Zenmuse Gimbal, smooth shooting in all directions is possible.

High Performance Vibration Absorber Kit
The S800 EVO is equipped with the high performance Vibration Absorber Kit, and its excellent vibration absorption performance can effectively solve the vibration problem of the main frame and provide a more
stable operating environment for your Gimbal equipment and the IMU of your flight control system. With better hovering and flight performance, shooting high quality aerial material has never been so easy.



Diagonal Wheelbase 800mm
Frame Arm Length 350mm
Frame Arm Weight (with Motor, ESC, Propeller) 356g
Center Frame Diameter 240mm
Center Frame Weight 550g
Landing Gear Size 460mm(Length)×425mm(Width)×320mm(Height) (Top width: 155mm)
Retractable Landing Gear Weight (Including Battery Tray) 1050g

Stator Size 41×14mm
KV 400rpm/V
Max Power 500W
Weight (with Cooling Fan) 158g

Current 40A OPTO
Voltage 6S LiPo
Signal Frequency 30Hz ~ 450Hz
Drive PWM Frequency 8KHz
Weight (with Radiators) 35g

Propeller (Foldable)
Material Carbon Fiber
Size 15×04 in
Weight 10g

Flight Parameters
Takeoff Weight 6.0Kg ~ 8.0Kg
Total Weight 3.7Kg
Power Battery LiPo (6S?10000mAh~15000mAh?15C(Min))
Max Power Consumption 3000W
Hover Power Consumption 800W(@ Takeoff Weight 6.7Kg)
Hover Time Max: 20 min (@15000mAh&6.7KgTakeoff Weight)
Working Environment Temperature -10 ~ +40 oC